I have a multitude of links to share with you today, but first I want to share happy news:  A federal judge has ordered a halt to the military’s controversial “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy.  This is extra happy since I half-ranted about this bad policy yesterday.  Now it has taken one more step towards being gone.  I only hope the federal government chooses to not appeal this decision.

Okay, now for the fun.  Since we started with a legal thing, we’ll continue by saying we support the “Bill Stickers Is Innocent” movement.  Silly, but fun.  I have seen a variation on this stating Bill Posters was innocent, too, but I am awaiting the outcome of the trial first.

Going from big legal to small and fun, here is the world’s tiniest animated movie.

Sticking with photography, here is an amusing collection of pictures of one dad’s kids.  Dad’s a tricky photographer, apparently.

Sometimes, though, it’s the child who is an excellent photographer.  This link is a must-see; the girl is only three and already getting recognition for her artistic eye.

Kids are amazing.  Fox, whose news I usually find biased in the opposite direction from my own, has an article about eight and a half amazing kids.  Seriously, they ranked a popcorn testing up with nuclear and hazardous waste sniffing?  Anyway, eight of the kids in the article have done amazing things.

This week’s final entry in the youth category states quite simply that the floor is lava.  I love the artistry in this illustration of youthful imagination.

Speaking of imagination, one of the more entertaining films in recent times was Wall-E.  And if this short bit with the title character doesn’t make you literally laugh out loud, you should get your funny bone checked.

The reason I don’t care for Fox’s usual bias is that it is very right-leaning.  I admit, though, that I have never heard them state a point of view essentially claiming something as silly as “Yoga is ‘at odds with Christian understanding.’

I have always favored PC’s over Macs, mostly over a simple pricing issue.  Macs can do wonderful things, but a PC can do the same for far less.  This illustration is a wonderful demonstration of just how badly Apple overprices their gear.

I posted this link on Monday, but I felt it was worth repeating.  It has a naughty F word in it, but it makes an important grammatical point.  There should be a comma after the A in “F’in’ A”, for those who aren’t quite sure what the problem is.

Finally, many of us remember Pong, which is apparently even older than previously thought.

See you tomorrow.