Here is some awesome footage from San Francisco in 1905.  The page title says something else was removed at the owner’s request, but doesn’t really specify what.  I like the 105-year-old movie, though.

Lou Costello was not known for his mathematic abilities.  His logic in this clip is terribly flawed and incredibly funny.

Some guys are fans of Macs, some of PCs, and some of Linux machines.  This is how they see each other’s preferred computers.

I have long felt that if I could have just one superpower, the ability to stick to walls, etc., like Spider-man would be my preference.  Apparently, being goat-like would be pretty close to the same thing.

Some people find perverts in random-partner chat rooms.  Some find love.  Some get chased by monstrous beavers.

If you hired Clark Kent, might you give him an employee review like this one?

Ah, demotivational posters are such fun.  They teach us things, like the difference between a grenade and a bullet.

Mankind has accomplished great things in the past.  Which leads to an important LOLCat question.

Speaking of demotivational posters and important questions, as you watch this, you’ll be asking yourself:  Will it ever end?  Watch it a couple of times through; I had to in order to catch it all.

Finally, isn’t it time to set violence aside?

Hope you got a good chuckle from this week’s wanderings.  See you tomorrow.