The Captain and the Princess

Once there was a man
A sailor at sea, you see
Who wanted to live life
Like the bee he could be

So he swabbed the deck
And turned to port for sport
He sailed so well
He could court the court

The king and queen
Liked his lot a lot
He was a lonely fellow
But his heart was not a knot

He was bound to none
Felt he was free to be free
Love to him
Was a fee for a fee

This was fine until one day
The royals sought him out for an out
Darling princess had to go
On a mission to scout for a scout

The captain he traveled
By himself for himself
Now this princess
Put him on a shelf on a shelf

It didn’t take long
Before he needed to be needed
He was smitten
Love’s plant was seeded and seeded

The captain knew his place
Was to ship his ship
From here to there
Not give lip to her lip

But the princess soon saw
And knew what he knew
Without hesitation
She wanted love to be, too

They had their stations
Still they would hope for hope
Love to this pair
Was dope for a dope

When they arrived at her port
She decided to part with her part
She told him now
Was the time to start to start

They sailed away together
Made love time after time
So besotted were they
They could climb any climb

When they returned to home port
As they knew they must do what they must
King and Queen were waiting
With such trust in their trust

They knew all along
The two would be a pair without compare
So they smiled on their return
Told them to share their love’s share

Princess and Captain wed that day
And learned to weather any weather
They love each other still
With no end, forever and forever


One of my friends likes to write poetry about the sea.  That’s what this started out as, but unlike her verses, which tend towards wonderful analogies, I ended up telling a little tale.

Enough nonsense for today.  See you next week.